Development of monoclonal antibodies / Antibody catalogue
We offer you products of customized monoclonal antibodies (mAb), according to your specific needs. The mAb production is carried out through hybridoma technology using Balb/c mice. The antigen used for immunization is provided by the customer.

    The mAb production consists of the following parts:
  • • Immunization of Balb/c mice, screening test set-up (ELISA), serum-titer determination
  • • Cell fusion (PEG), HAT selection, screening
  • • Subcloning, cultivation and cryo-conservation of positive clones
  • • Isotyping and determination of Ig subclass
  • • Transfer of the clones

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Development of monoclonal antibodies / Antibody catalogue

We also offer the production of monoclonal antibodies in cell culture and the purification of antibodies by means of affinity chromotography. Offers for these products will be drawn up according to the individual requirements of the customer.

FZMB provides, in addition, a spectrum of specific monoclonal antibodies for proteins (e.g. enzymes), microorganisms, toxins and dyes. You can find these in our antibody catalogue.

Antibody Catalogue


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