Food composition quality and hygiene testing

We examine trends in all foods of animal and vegetable origin, as well as drinking water
The Department of Food Food composition quality and hygine testing of FZMB GmbH is your laboratory service provider in questions of food safety and consumer protection. We have ISO 17025 Certification.
In our laboratories, equipped with the latest technology, we carry out microbiological and chemical analyses of foods, of industrial hygiene inspections, determination of microbial levels in the air, and microbiological drinking water analyses, including testing for Legionella. Among our customers , who are taken care of and supported in the implementation of operational self-checks, are companies from the fields of industry, trade and craft.
Our laboratory is , of course, DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 accredited and DIN EN ISO 9001:2008-12 certified .
The testing and the evaluation of the results are conducted in accordance with applicable governmental regulations or accepted standards by qualified personnel. We are happy to be at your disposal to answer questions regarding the declaration of your products as well as to offer advice regarding the solution to any problems that may occurr.

further Information

The collection and transport of samples by refrigerated vehicle can be made by appointment through our field staff.

Our appropriately-licensed staff are at your disposal for the taking of water samples and for testing your officially submitted samples.


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